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Even if you could wish for a unicorn...

where would you keep it?

13 December 1990
Journal layout from The Fulcrum by grrliz.
300, a knight's tale, a softer world, accents, adamo fuck yeah, airships, altar boyz, angelina jolie, atlantis: the lost empire, atonement, avenue q, badminton, batman, benry gale, bill bryson, bleach, books, carlisle cullen, cate blanchett, choir, coldplay, commander vimes, dario marianelli, david wenham, derivatives, discworld, dr. chase's bitchin' style, dr. horrible, drawing, dwangela, dwight schrute, editing, edward norton, england, english, exchange programs, fairy tales, fantasia, fantasy, faramir, flcl, flight of the conchords, flowers, flying, foxtrot, goats, harry potter, harry potter puppet pals, havemercy, hilarity, house, icons, internet slang, ireland, iron man, it's called motherfucking sensitivity training, italy, james marsden, japanese, jears, jellyfish, jesus rays, jokes for nerds, jude law, light in the piazza, little duckies, lord of the rings, lord vetinari, lost, louis xiv, macbeth, mark rothko, metal dragons, michael cera, michael emerson, moist von lipwig, movie trailers, movies in fifteen minutes, musicals, my fair lady, mythology, neil gaiman, ninjas, norbert leo butz, numb3rs, owl city, pandas, paul bettany, philosophy, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playing piano, postsecret, pride and prejudice, procrastinating, puget sound, quidditch, remus lupin, retro disney, road to el dorado, ron weasley, royston kiss him you fool, rpattz's snarky british wit, rupert grint, sawyer, sayid, scarves, seattle, series of unfortunate events, shakespeare, shoebox project, singing, sirius black, sparkling, stars, steampunk, superbad, terry pratchett, the beatles, the boondocks, the dharma initiative, the office, the postal service, the princess bride, the sandman, the show with zefrank, the strokes, thunderstorms, treasure planet, turtles, twilight lolarity, vampire baseball, wall-e, war posters, washington, why is everyone so hot it isn't fair, xkcd, yes we ke-han, zao noodle bar